What Is Benny's Role In Family Therapy Case Study

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Family: Benny is a 7 year old male who resides in South Amboy with the Rodriguez family. At this time Benny behavior in the home has improved. He still a little guarded when it comes to talking about his feelings. Benny continues to struggle with being separated from his parents and history of traumatic experiences, exposure to DV and SU, neglect and removal from her biological parents. He continues to feel torn between his biological parents and his new resource home. Benny has adjusted to living with the Rodriquez. He has received in home services to help with Benny cope with being removed from his biological parents and placed in a resource home. Benny participated in in-home services (i.e. individual therapy) that were provided by CMO.…show more content…
Action: DCP&P next court hearing is scheduled for 7/13/17. In the meantime DCP&P is providing in-home therapeutic services through a private provider to assist Benny appropriately expressing his feelings.

Psych/Mental Health: In the past Benny had completed a psychological evaluation on 4/3/17 and it was recommended for youth to attend Trauma Focused Therapy. The psychological evaluation was a referral completed by DCP&P. Benny is currently working with Dr. Hubbard; a LCSW therapist contracted through DCP&P. Dr. Hubbard is providing individual Trauma Focused Therapy for youth and family therapy. At this time youth participates in treatment and he also look forward to meeting Dr. Hubbard once a week. Action: Benny and the resource parents are both receiving weekly services through Dr. Hubbard, LCSW. Dr. Hubbard services are contracted through DCP&P.

Education: Benny attends South Amboy Elementary School in South Amboy. He was in the 2nd grade regular education. This school year Benny struggled with staying focused and completing his homework. At this time it has been reported that Benny has passed to the 3rd grade. For the 2017-2018 he will be in the South Amboy Elementary

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