The Importance Of Structural Family Therapy

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It is important that the counselor makes questioning an important part of the therapy (Shaylee & Brownlee, 2007). The purpose of questioning is to make sure that the family will participate in communicating their experiences (Shaylee & Brownlee, 2007). When members of the family begin to tell their point of view, the way in which each person was affected is revealed (Shaylee & Brownlee, 2007). The therapist may be able to reach the family members that may have been considered as distant or hostile. Individuals like Gary may be able to feel heard without feeling judged. To prevent guilt and shame, a therapist that uses narrative therapy tend to shun away from diagnosis because of the possible labels that society places on them (Shaylee & Brownlee, 2007). The labels may keep the family from improving (Shaylee & Brownlee, 2007).
One of the most important factors of narrative therapy An essential element of narrative therapy is making sure that the counselor helps the client recognize his or her strengths by encouraging the family to meditate on them (Shaylee & Brownlee, 2007). For example, the counselor may recognize that Helen is the commitment that she has towards relationships. Julie’s strength is that she is independent. The counselor may also find that Gary is discerning and introspective. The purpose of recognizing the individual and
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This model addresses problems of concern and encourages assessment of the problem (Vetere, 2001). When applying the model to the Buckmans. Helen will be able to reestablish herself as an authority figure in th household. Due to her new marriage, this will allow her and her husband to come to an agreement about what behaviors are appropriate. Boundaries may be set in regards to Gary leaving the house without permission and even how he should interact with his new

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