Family Therapy Reflective Essay

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When I entered this course of marriage and family counseling my thoughts on this course were excited to learn about marriage and family therapy. Which I started to look forward into becoming a marriage and family counseling, and I 'm about to learn the basic rules of marriage and family counseling. Don 't get me wrong, this course was actually exciting, I learned about my own family and how much it has changed over the past few years. I also learned about myself during this course and my own relationship with my peers. I always feel as though marriage and family therapy was a bit too much, but it actually assist with structuring a partnership or a relationship back together. one day my household was falling apart, becoming dysfunctional,…show more content…
I myself haven 't done too much research on my family but I have done enough to know why my family so close, and to why my parents are so strict about certain things or situations about life. I will like to know more about my family, I also will want a therapist or a counselor to come in and have a session with my family to determine or observe my family on how we function. Traditional outcome research is the focus on demonstrating the efficacy of family therapy and seeks empirical validation fro various treatment approach ( cited pg 340). The more I am researching about my own family I feel as though may understand other families. Family therapy is helpful to families that have trouble, problems, or issues within the system, which helps with families members improve communication and resolved conflicts. I believe that if a therapist was supposed to come and help my family with whatever problem there is, it will be successful. In the book, it states that relatively recent research related to common factors that cut across approaches focuses on how effective therapists bring "successful" models to life( blow et al 2007 pg341). I feel as though in most cases that is true. The therapist is most effective when among other behaviors they are able to build an alliance and engage with clients, great sense of hope, which I feel as that every individual or family needs, and the expectation of positive outcome. This motivate one another to have a better behavior, which will be
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