Family Therapy Research Paper

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Abstract Family therapy has been an important field in therapy for quite a long time, especially since more and more psychological issues seem to appear in families. As a result, parents do not have the right skills and knowledge to mentally support their children and lead them in the right path. This is when a therapists help is needed. This paper gives a basic overview of family therapy, general information, its methods, counseling techniques and current uses. Also, I will bring in my personal interest and discuss the above. Several sources were used to write it, yet there were no controlled variables or the like.

History This part of the essay is to clarify some of the major factors - especially the social factors which made family
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Concerning therapy, what matters the most to me is, that there are so many different ways of proceeding, and none of them is used alone, they are almost always used in conjunction with one another. This teaches me, that you can use the same skills some other therapist has, in at least ten different ways. I gather the information about the client I need, and then decide which way i will go to set new goals and to change behavioral…show more content…
Therapy based on evidence had been tried and trusted ever since. Especially, when it comes to behavioral-cognitive therapy, empirical evidence is very useful and also in some parts of family therapy, it can help to proceed through the issues as well.
I still think that experience is more important than empirical evidence, just because of the fact that every client is different and in particular in family therapy we have more than one person that is meant to be helped. Here, professional practical skills, knowledge, and much experience is needed to perform best. No theory or technique can be good enough to help a client, if the therapist does not know how to convey the knowledge he has.
The treatment that family therapy provides is essential to solve complex problems in families and to put families back together. Even if it has not been there for long, every year, there are new approaches and through all the good therapists we have, we gain more and more knowledge about how family structures work and how we can help to solve their problems so families can have a happier and better
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