Family Time Perry Patetic Analysis

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Family time, making time for relationships is everything but lately there has been less and less. Perry Patetic in his opinion essay or claims that mobile society is more of a disadvantage when it comes to relationships. The author supports his position by first stating that our generation is not as close as other generations. He continues by saying that just for grandparents to see their grandchildren that they have to travel long distance. The author’s purpose is to argue that the world of today is limiting our connections with others so that everyone knows that there is a problem in today 's society. The author establishes a judgmental tone for everyone. Having a modern mobilized world should not be the reason for weak relationships. Former generations lived in closeness but times are a changin for the better. “ We tend to lack the close supportive relationship that people in former generations…show more content…
My mom moved away Santee for about 7 years and she still had friends in the area. When my mom did come back her friendships were stronger than ever because they talked every week, keep up on social media like Myspace, they visit every so often. Most of the time the problem with coming together is getting everyone 's off schedule the same. My older brother can not always see us because his work keeps him busy. When people try to plan things together it is hard for everyone to get the same off days. So is it the people 's fault for not having time. Relationships are not dead, people have to make the time and affort to come together. Some people can make it work like my mom she never lost touch with friends. Others like my brother do not have the time to come down and see us all the time. Most times it can be that we just do not have the time in the day to see each other. Modern society is not the reason that relationships are not thriving. The modern world is the thing that can keep everyone
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