My Most Important Meal Of The Day Essay

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The Most Important Meal of the Day and its Effects on the Modern Family
Rachel Browning
Lone Star College- Cyfair

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Rachel Browning, Lone Star Community System
Rachel Browning is now at Lone Star College
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Abstract In my essay I talk about my family tradition of eating meals together. You’ll find why this tradition is so important to me and also many other families in the world and why you should consider it for your own family as well. I talk about finding the time for your family and talk about effects of eating together. The importance of family is another strong topic in my essay while I give strong evidence from important scholars of why. I have provided an abundance
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With each person in the family having their own hectic schedule it is not always easy finding the time for each other or even a good balance. At my house we always plan on a Sunday morning breakfast and a Wednesday night dinner it may not seem like much but it makes a bigger difference than you would think. In a Purdue University article, Lets Talk about Mealtime, explains to plan days and plan times to eat together. The article also mentions to only focus on family. What they mean by this is, no phones, no television, and to simply talk to one another. In the article they also talk about committing to a certain number of times a week for eating together. In the Purdue University article they explain “Family meals are a great place to share your daily lives and laughter, and to pass down your values and traditions. Family meals make children feel like they belong and are loved. Families who eat together enjoy it and discover that it becomes easier the more often they do it”. I think once you start your new tradition of spending family meal time together you will find that it becomes a second nature and actually makes everyone happier in the scheme of

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