Family Tree Research Paper

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I enjoyed researching for my family tree project and finding out more about my family. My research began when I sat down and filled out the “Family Tree” given to me by Mrs. Leyes. I filled out the tree with the names that I knew and then I sat down with my parents to get the missing information. After I completed the tree, I knew that I needed to sit down or call as many people that I could. I asked my Mom to help me create an interview question sheet. I used these sheets when I sat down to talk to everyone and keep all of my information together. We decided that I also needed to make a question sheet to ask living relatives details about my deceased family members. I then printed up my question sheets and I sat down with and…show more content…
I was able to call her and ask her questions about her long life. Betty Jane White was born on October 12, 1926 in XXXX. Fill in info.
Although my other great grandparents are all deceased I learned a few things about them from all of my other family members that I interviewed. Carl and Floyce May were my Grammy’s parents. XXX. Richard and Yvonne Sickman were my Nanny’s parents. XXX. Gail F. McCleary was my Papaw’s father. XXX.
The family tree project has XXXX. I learned so much about XXXX. I was happy to learn that many of the family traditions and customs we use today are because of my older family members.
Final Paragraph will be about Family Traditions and Customs that we still incorporate today:
- Favorite Vacation Spot for the Family is still Disney World in Florida….Mommy used to go every summer with her parents and maternal grandparents
- Christmas is huge…..we use giant stockings like Daddy did when he was a boy…….mixed with Mommy’s tradition of eating Christmas Eve Dinner out and then looking at lights before we go home to see if Santa brought us our Christmas Eve Pajamas.
- Tradition that we have created as our family is to go to Mass on Christmas
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