Family Trends In Singapore Case Study

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Singapore’s government is working towards a nation to highlight the importance of families in the society, particularly, in the rising of emerging family trends such as the change of family structure, extensive family pressure and the increasing number of families encountering different and complicated issues (Philomin, Laura Elizabeth 2015). These trends might be caused by economic, social and educational factors. Firstly, the emerging of family trend can be caused by the economic factor. For the second year running, Singapore has been crowned as the world’s most expensive city according to a survey conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) (Williams, Ann 2015). Singapore was also compared to New York in terms of the cost of basic groceries, clothes and transport which appear to be more expensive. As these three basic items are main necessities in daily life, families would have to plan and manage their financial accordingly to make ends meet. The group that will get badly affected by this would be from the lower income group. Next, the…show more content…
As mentioned earlier, the government would need to review their current policies to adjust to these changes as to suit the need of the people living in Singapore. The policies would also need to be flexible yet firm and clear with its decisions. Next, we can look into the employer level. Employer should also be flexible with their companies’ rules and regulation. They can implement family-friendly values which allow their employees to manage both their personal and working duties. Lastly, it can be narrowed down to families and individual. They should be more opened to discuss family problems among themselves. If they require further help, they could seek professional assistance through some agencies. Thus, everyone plays an important role towards the trend and through their efforts, Singapore will be able to resolve such trend and keep moving

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