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Family Vacation Decision This paper will examine the process of deciding, where to go on a family vacation, when there are multiple decision makers and multiple alternatives. First, we will look at each of the decision makers in the family and their role in the process. Next, we will look at the criterion and discuss which are more important to the family as a whole. Then, we will compare each of the alternatives and how they meet the criterion. Our family will be using the conjunctive approach to decide the destination of their next holiday. Our sample family consists of five members deciding where their next family vacation will be. The father is forty-years-old and works a steady full time job in construction. His role in this decision…show more content…
Ruins and temples were places of interest away from the beach that the family wanted to include in the trip. The father showed a strong interest in staying at a smaller hotel or bungalow on the beach avoiding the larger all-inclusive hotels and the isolation that staying in one entails. Bringing young kids on the trip security of a stable government is important. It was decided that ideally a trip that incorporates both a stay at a beach and a visit to some ancient ruins would be good. The four major criterion used to make the decision and their weight of importance, (with 0 being of no importance and 10 being of great importance), are beautiful beaches (9), ancient ruins (07), bungalow style accommodation (4), and political stability (8). The mother of the family narrowed the choices to four countries to consider and look into deeper: Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and The Philippines. The most important criteria, beautiful beaches is met by all of the alternatives, but the second criteria, ancient ruins, was only met by Thailand and Cambodia. Cambodia with its famous Angkor Wat and Thailand with the town of Ayutthaya. Malaysia and The Philippines do not have considerable ancient ruins worth seeing. Bungalows were available in all countries at reasonable prices and well

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