Family Value And Morality

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Value and morality are philosophy aspects of human behavior to differentiate right and wrong of what we do. There are five important factors that shape individuals today, namely family influences, peer influences, life experience, school environment and influence from social media.
Family is the main influence in our lives. In other words, family members play important roles to determine what is right and wrong for individuals. From there, individuals start to learn and follow characteristics of their parents as well as behavior of siblings. This is because they spend most of the time with parents from first day they were born. Therefore, parents were the person who interacts with individuals and become socialized people as compared to others. As a baby, he or she did not know anything. So, they started to learn and imitated what being send to them. For example, punctuality is the essential part of success in one’s life. Therefore, everyone should start this habit from childhood. As a father of Adrian Ling, he had never being late to his office or meeting his clients for the past 20 years. In his perception, he will never let people to wait for him. As what he taught Adrian, punctuality show dependable and build self-confidence. From there, he starts to do the same. During school time, Adrian used to wake up early in the morning to have his breakfast and attend school punctually. Besides that, he always completes his homework before deadlines. In
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