Family Values And Family Development

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Family is just a simple way of defining a number of people who are either related by blood, through intermarriages between people and maybe adopting. As for me family is those whom care for me and we share a close bond. The best thing to happen to a nuclear family is to get a child or children who can be natured to be prominent and respectable people. A Childs development to the society is built by family values that are either gathered from the Childs parents, siblings or even distant relatives. Because family values are well known to be moral or ethical beliefs that are reinforced within the family that consist of high moral standards. They affect the child 's education, social life and family development through interaction.
First and for most sometime, education is a key to success and it is also well known that when you gain knowledge you gain power. Education doesn 't only involve school work but can also involves gathering from grandparents i.e. story telling. Parents themselves also nature the child 's education development, where they are able to teach their children certain activities that will promote ease to certain home activities like for example chores: helping in cleaning the house or even teach them how to cook. Researches show that children that have grown in intact families have a more better chance than those living with their step parents. According to Youngmin Sun "As for children who grew up in a family that did not include the biological family

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