Personal Essay: The Value Of Family

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Family is just a simple way of defining a number of people who are either related by blood, through intermarriages between people and maybe adopting. As for me family is those whom care for me and we share a close bond. The best thing to happen to a nuclear family is to get a child or children who can be natured to be prominent and respectable people. A Childs development to the society is built by family values that are either gathered from the Childs parents, siblings or even distant relatives. Because family values are well known to be moral or ethical beliefs that are reinforced within the family that consist of high moral standards. They affect the child 's education, social life and family development through interaction.
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They were 2.5 times as likely to smoke cigarettes, more than 1.5 times as likely to drink alcohol, and nearly three times as likely to try marijuana." ( The National Center On Addiction and Substances abuse at Columbia university 2) So parents must involve their selves in child development through dining habits because it will to a strong bond between

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