Advantages Of Nuclear Family

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Since the beginning of human life on earth, people at a certain level of their life from a family to ensure happiness in society. It is a group of people who share a very personal level of relationship. But there a few different ways that you can define these relationships and families generally contain a few different ones. While everything is changing around the world, family remains something always present in our lives. It is a group of people united by certain conviction or a common affiliation. Even if you cannot choose your family members they stay the persons on whom you can relate to the most. Your family teach you the notion of culture, social behaviour, education and all the other things which must make you a human of society. There…show more content…
Family is essential and necessary to have purpose in society, it motivates you to attain a certain level of life. The most common family structure used is the traditional one; with two parents the mother, the father and their children. This type of family has many benefits. This type of family creates more value inside the family that the children will keep in mind. That is why the nuclear family is better than the single parent family to give security and good education to children. While some people agree that the single parent family structure provide a good environment to take care of children. This idea can be defended by the fact that in single parent families, the only one parent creates a strong link between his child and him. The notion of responsibility is created; because the child helps his parent to achieve some activities so, he becomes responsible and courageous. In the following part this text will first talk about the economic security that nuclear family provides for children, then the type of education that the two parents will give to children and finally the strong links which bound parents and their

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