Family Violence Against Women

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Abstract---- In this research the researcher will highlight the various types of violence based on family violence which a woman usually under goes at the time of any kind of threat physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically,etc.Whicheffects her health due to various factors as a result the status of women is reduced giving man the sole authority over women, The chief aim for this research is to raise the status of women by making them aware of their rights and how to prevent further family violence placing them on equal level of men. Introduction and Objective of the research –
The chief purpose of the research paper is to identify the health risk of family violence on women and its effects .Some of the
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 To examine the impact of domestic violence on the abused women, their children and inter-family relations.
 To suggest measures to control, minimize and, if possible, eradicate family violence against women.
To prevent demand for dowry and demand for male child and abortion.
To recommend safety measures to women and to raise their status in their homes and society at large.

Note - The given above reasons for this research is because these reasons determine the health of women as they often suffer, stress, trauma, physical, and sexual abuse psychologically or emotionally. At times even economically which often lead to suicide.

Research Questions In order to achieve the research objectives the researcher has to answer some research questions that are as follows :

1 What are the different types of family violence?
2 What are the effects of family violence on women?
3 How family violence destroys the performance of working women?
4 How family violence affects others members of the family especially children?
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In order to evaluate better the scale of such violence, while identifying gaps in data collection and formulating proposals for assessing the extent of the problem. A researcher can find the causes of violence against women, including its root cause and other contributing factors and further more detect the medium and long-term consequences of violence against women and see to the health, social and economic costs of violence against women.The identification of best practice is through examples in areas including legislation, policies, programmes and effective remedies, and the efficiency of such mechanisms to the end of fighting and removing violence against women. This study will evaluate findings, and identify good practices and will be effective. Research

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