Family's Presence During Resuscitation

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Pro-Side: By allowing the family to be present during resuscitation of their loved one they are made aware of everything that was done to revive the patient. This could be beneficial to the family member in the circumstance that the patient doesn’t survive so that the family would know for sure that everything possible was done. This may help with the grieving process of the family in that they would not dwell on what more could have been done for their loved one. After the patient passes, the family becomes the nurses primary focus and it is our responsibility to help the family along in the grieving process. As for the patient being resuscitated, the patient may want their loved one to be by their side in case they don’t make it, and if the policies prohibited the family’s presence, the patients dying wishes would not be followed.…show more content…
In regards to the family, seeing their loved one be resuscitated may be a traumatic experience. In the event that the family member was to faint during the occurrence nurses would have to divert their attention away from the current patient and also provide care to the family member. This could mean the difference in the patient surviving or not, and therefore would negatively affect the patient. The family member also would be at risk for PTSD in the event that they witnessed their loved one die traumatically. As for the nurse, having the family present increases stress on the nurse which could also affect the patient’s outcome. In the event of a code blue, nurses need to be focused in order to think fast and provide the best care in a timely manner. Imagine how the nurse may not be able to focus in the circumstance where the family was hysterical and
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