Famoso Case Analysis Essay

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Question 1 Describe Famoso’s positioning. Famso 's Positioning – Through high quality ingredients, selective formula, magnificent customer experience and conventional strategy of making pizza, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria was successful in making a particular brand picture in respect to other competitive brands in the psyche of clients. • Unique ingredients and cooking procedure were the key qualities of Famoso 's pizza to influence buyer decision. Famoso’s owners learnt about the special ingredients and cooking process by training with Verace Pizza Napoletane, an association saving the benchmarks of real Neapolitan pizza. • Famoso 's pizza is made of “00" Caputo flour, Campania tomatoes imported from Italy, and other fresh…show more content…
Most people hardly find time to cook at home, so fast food restaurant provide an easy and convenient alternative. Regional Subcultures should also be taken into consideration as some regions (e.g. Quebec) still prefer home-made food, cooking to them is a way of sharing more family time. Demographics: The rise in the population of the millennials, with ages ranging from 19-34 presents a positive outlook for the fast food business in Canada. This group account for about 27 percent of the population. They work mostly in the urban areas with tight schedule. They rely heavily on fast food as they have to eat “on the go” to keep pace with their fast moving environment. This group also have a strong online presence, more promotional efforts should be directed towards digital format and the Internet. Social and Natural Trends: Considering the undesirable health implications of fast food, people are beginning to demand for healthier food. Restaurants lagging behind on this trend should expect to lose their loyal customers. Information regarding fat and sodium content in the menu should be communicated directly to customers. The large number of immigrants coming into the country should be seen as an opportunity to develop menu that will cater for ethnic groups. Famoso should target ethnic groups that are economically viable, taking into consideration the population, areas of concentration and purchasing
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