Famous Brands Case Study

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Summary of Famous Brands Limited How did Famous Brands get started? Famous Brands all started when the Halamandaris family immigrated to come to South Africa from Greece in the 1950’s. George, one of the Halamandaris brothers decided that South Africa could only benefit from an American style steakhouse, and so together they opened the very first steers in the 1960’s. George was later on joined by his son, John and his nephews, as well as the Halamandris brothers, Peter, Theofanis, Perry and Babis in the 1970’s. Board of directors Famous Brands Limited has a board of directors that consists of 12 people, namely being: • Panagiotis Halamandris o 1994- Assumed the position of Chairman of the listed entity. o 2007- Assumed the position of non-executive Chairman. o 2013- Peter retired as non-executive Chairman and remained on board as non-executive director. • Periklis Halamandris o One of the original founders of the Group. o 1994- Appointed to the board and was held responsible for expanding the operations of the Group beyond the borders of South Africa. • Theofanis Halamandris o 2001- Assumed the position of Chief executive officer after serving three years as the Group Managing director. o 2010- Retired as Chief executive officer and rather took over from John as deputy chairman. o 2014- Became non-executive director. • John Lee Halamandris o 1994-1997- assumed the position as managing director. o 1997-2001- appointed as chief executive officer. o 2001-2010-

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