Jack The Ripper In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era is one of the most well known times, not only that, it is also the most interesting. The Victorian Era was called Victorian because of the ruler at that time was Queen Victoria. This Era dates back to 1837 to 1901. The Victorian Era is very interesting because of the different ideas and styles they had towards something. Some of the things that made the Victorian Era so captivating are Famous criminals, forms of punishment, and artistic styles. Ordinarily throughout time, people still won’t change. There will always be criminals, but some worse than others. One of these Famous criminals is Jack the Ripper. Jack The Ripper was a well know murderer in the Victorian Era. What he would do is go out and murder prostitutes. He would not only murder them, but he would also take the prostitute’s dead body and rip open their body…show more content…
Sixty percent of people were sentenced to death for something small like pickpocketing or stealing food. Moreover if someone was caught for something like they would be held in a prison, then later would be hanged for their crimes. Hanging was the most popular form of execution in the Victorian era. (Gooii) Even though there were still executions, the Victorians were slowly moving away from executions and moving on towards prisons. There will always still be crimes to be made, but there was still beauty in the Victorian era through art. Art has evolved throughout time, but Victorian art is the most interesting of all. Some of the tools of their art is different than what we have today, for example, the canvas. In the Victorian Era, artist would use wooden canvases for their art. (Valentine) They found that wood was the easiest way to make art. The most popular thing that people in the Victorian era was scenes of shakespeare's plays.
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