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some of the shoes that are very popular right now as something very valuable, even though they are not that comfortable to walk on, but they still would want to buy them and wear them as a trend. For example; people are wearing athletic shoes not just for exercises anymore, people tend to used the mas fashion icon where they can show people around them of who are they and where do they belonged in the community social class.
Caleres has been focusing on Famous Footwear for a long while now, this is the time where they can change the strategy to be focusing more on a little bit of everything, which might benefit them way more and take the company to the next level of growth (Exhibit X at the end). So what celeres can do is that they can pick
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It’s important because this industry is very stable so they have to really focus on growing the company, even though it will be a small numbers, that is still better than nothing. The shareholders will not be happy to hear stable in the report, they would be happy to hear growth. Just like what we learned in class, the things to focus on are profitability and growth. Since they are already in the markets, the growth is really have to be deliberate, as mentioned earlier that they have to cut the fat part that hey don’t need and focus more on what will benefit the company the most. Add up to that the company need a strategic plan, this is when all the corporate culture, branding, and customer focus came into the board in an order to help keep the company growing. The profit will be there like normal, but the company has to keep growing by these strategies. Furthermore, in the management team, Caleres recently hired Janet Carr to be the senior vise president of the global development department, she is the one who came to help the company in identifying those opportunities for the company’s global business expansion, especially for the company’s key

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