Revolutionary War Dialogue Essay

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Interviewer: Hello everybody I’m Emily Bilik on Revolutionary News. Today on Revolutionary News we’ll be interviewing the famous King George III. I don’t know how I got here, but I’m doing the interview of a lifetime ! George: Why, I don’t know either, but I am glad to answer plenty of questions. Interviewer: Well let’s start from the beginning where was your place of birth and the date. George: Well I was born June 4th, 1738 in London, England. Any questions about that? Interviewer: Well how about we go to education who educated you? George: Well I had many tutors, and had one teacher when I was very young. Interviewer: I heard from somewhere you stuck your teacher to a chair with tar is that true? George: Yes In fact , but that was my one…show more content…
Interviewer: *Looks down at paper and then look up* I don't think we need to ask this question. George: Well what is the question? Interviewer: *Show George the paper* George: Oh. Well isn’t it obvious, King! Interviewer: Exactly. Moving on! How did your career relate to the Revolutionary War? George: Uhh… I guess I could make the laws that started it? Interviewer: Uh… Okay then. What did you do that had an impact on the war and or America. George: Well I was the king of course and I did play a big role with the laws and making them mad. Interviewer: What are you famous for? George : Being king of course. Well mostly being king of England. Interviewer: We’re almost done three more question. George: Hooray! I really should get back to King stuff. Interviewer: Did you have a positive influence on the world? George: Well I guess you could say I did for most people except for the Americans, of course, but other then that I suppose so and during 1783 I was able to turn disaster into triumph at home when I opposed a plan by powerful ministers in Parliament to reform the east India Company. I supported the plan at first but when I saw it as a way to further corrupt Parliament my opinion
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