Famous Political Leaders In The 1930's

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Around the 1920’s and the 1930’s, two famous political leaders came to power in Europe-Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. These leaders were known for outmaneuvering their other opponents to gain fame and power. As they grew with age and wisdom, they continued to become more ruthless and continued to violate people's rights. Due to these leaders, the U.S Constitution has safeguards regarding these historical events to protect us from a strong, powerful government. During Adolf Hitler’s rise to power he used many different manipulative tactics to gain control in the government and military. It all began when Hitler joined the military at a young age due to the loss of the majority of his family. During World War I, he earned the iron fist badge and the black wound badge, which showed that he has great respect for his country. Receiving these badges made his name more well known and appealing to the public eye. As he gained support, he joined a Nazi organization known as the SA. Together, with a total amount of 3,000 people, rushed into a public meeting and Hitler announced that there is a beginning to a new government. Shortly after this occurred, Hitler was arrested and put away for three years. During this time, he wrote a novel called Mein Kampf(My Struggle) which outlined his…show more content…
As young men they looked up to radical political leaders. So from a young age they were largely influenced by other powerful men. Once these two men became leaders they promised the same concepts to the people of their country and their followers. They both promised ideas such as progress and change, modernization, and better lives for the countrymen. As much as they both spoke for the people, they greatly wanted the expansion of their own powers. The expansion of their own power resulted in the misery of millions of their own
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