Famous Remains Research Paper

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The four unidentified female bodies have now been identified •AminaAgisheff, 36. Last seen July 7, 1982, leaving Seattle apartment. Remains found April 18, 1984, near Highway 18 and Interstate 90.
Kassee Ann Lee, 16. Last seen Aug. 28, 1982, at 11:30 a.m. at her south King County home by her husband. Remains have never been found. Rebecca T. Marrero, 20. Last seen Dec. 3, 1982, at Western Six Motel on Pacific Highway South. Remains have never been found.
Tammie Charlene Liles, 16. Last seen June 9, 1983, downtown Seattle. Remains found April 23, 1985, in Tualatin, Ore., south of Portland. Keli K. McGinness, 18 - Last seen June 28, 1983, on Pacific Highway South. Remains not found. Patricia Anne Osborn - Last seen Oct. 20, 1983, 11500 block of Aurora Avenue North, Seattle. Remains have never been found.

How he committed acts against his victim?
His victims usually were prostitutes or runaways. He would pick them up on the South Pacific Highway in Seattle. When Gary had sex with these victims, Ridgeway would strangle manually or use ligatures or rape his victims. In fact he would usually return to the site of the where the body is lying and commit ( necrophilia).
Was there a specific race, gender?
There have been photos released that show the compilations of the faces of the
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He had a difficult childhood. At a young age, Gary took an IQ test and was presented with a below average IQ of 82. In his youth his mother was a dominant person in that he had a consistency of urinating the bed up until the age of 14, it is at this point that when she found out she used to make him run naked to the bathroom. She then would bathe him, these both aroused and embarrassed Gary, and this generated a fantasy about his mother which was both violent and sexual. Ridgeway was a frequent customer of prostitutes. Gary`s father who was a bus driver supposedly told tales of his colleagues engaging in Necrophilia to his
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