Fan Theories In The Harry Potter Series

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What is a Fan Theory? According to urban dictionary Fan Theory is defined as “Set of assumptions which are intended to explain an unfinished event or series of events in a book, movie or saga.” Fan theories are a way the fan of a particular book, movie or even an animated series, connects the untied stories and creates a new piece of art which is a theory as the original author has not created and the story is left on the speculation and the liking of the reader or audience. These may have started as friends telling their own speculation of a certain movie cliff-hanger to a group of friends which later found its way into the media. With the coming of sites such as Wattpad- where people can make their own stories, many took to already existing storylines of books and movies and gave their own plot twist and spiced it up, this primarily made the fan fiction genre so popular. Many prefer the fan fiction theories than the original work. This clearly shows the influence of art, movie or books, on the masses and the creation of a new genre ‘Fan Fiction Theory’. Fan Theories around The Harry Potter Series 1) Draco Malfoy is a Werewolf: Draco Malfoy from the beginning of the Harry Potter series has been shown as the rich, self-absorbed brat, mostly because he belongs to a rich, ‘pure’ wizard family- which means all members of the family are of magical descent. At the starting of the series Draco is seen using unpleasant magical slurs and idealises the ‘magical’ Nazi movement which
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