Fanatical Beliefs In Joseph Smith

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Many people have given their lives to further the growth of the Church throughout the world and indeed many have admitted that even if God Himself were to visit them and suggest Joseph Smith was not really His messenger, they would not believe him, but would rather believe in Joseph Smith. This type of fanatical belief is indicative of how this belief has grown and perhaps that it may well be considered in the realm of “cultism” as well as simple religion?

This type of fanatical belief is not limited to the Mormon Church. Indeed you find it in the Catholic Church and many of the southern Baptist churches and other protestant faiths throughout the world and certainly in the Moslem religion. It would seem it is indicative of the human race.

Some people have tried to convince us that a cult is an evil organization while in reality it simply is an organization that has certain rules and regulations pertaining to its continued existence. It may or may not be evil or good, depending on what the particular cult’s aims or goals are. Since the time of the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (first called the Church of Christ) by Joseph Smith on April 6, 1830 the Church has sent missionaries throughout the world proclaiming that God has established His church through Joseph Smith.

For whatever reason, it appears that Jesus Christ may have had a church that he established when he lived on earth but there are many questions about this. The Apostle

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