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In the world of Football, beside of the players, championship, the game, arbiter, technique, and attitude, supporters are also the important thing. Their role is to color the championship of a game, especially the game that people love the most, like football. Every league from local league, national league, until international league, has their own spectators and supporters, even fanatic and anarchic supporters.
Anarchism among supporters in the stadium, streets, and the city often followed by so many incidents and trigger many victims, from adults even children. Oftentimes it happens between football supporters in development countries. For example, the supporters from Persija from Jakarta (Jakmania), Persebaya from Surabaya (bonek), Persib
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In fact, based on Septiyan Adhi Prakoso’s research from Muhammadiyah University about “Fanaticism of Football Supporters Considered from Education Level”, people’s intelligence does not affect supporter’s fanaticism. From 117 respondents, the supporters of PASOEPATI in Solo, Middle Java, there was no significant comparison of anarchism between the high educated supporters and low educated supporters. The average of fanaticism from high educated supporters is 119,702. And the average of fanaticism from low educated supporters is…show more content…
For it is just a game. There are always winners and losers in every game. Supporters still can give some support to the players without anarchism. Every manager in every football stadium may stritch the rules and organize the mass. For the government, they need to make some rules that emphasize the anarchic supporters and prevent every incident and more victims. We hope that whoever is responsible for security like the police or security officer can be more assertive while confronting the anarchic supporters, especially the anarchism that endanger other

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