Fanaticism In Persepolis

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Persepolis proves that a stereotype of “fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terrorism” is dispelled by learning of the average citizen. Satrapi addresses this in Persepolis by using herself and multiple characters in the book. In America you grow up hearing that the middle eastern people are all terrorist, that statement becomes embedded into your brain. This book shows there is way more to the story that we don 't get on the news. The citizens’ stories need to be told too, because they are the ones dealing with oppression of their country. The Satrapi’s household is similar to an average western society. They allow her to express herself and to give her own opinions, even though she’s a women. An example of her expressing herself is on page 131,…show more content…
Not everyone was in favor of the fundamentalism government. Women were more against it than men because it restricted them the most. There was no separation of church and state. It started with the veil on page 3, you see in the second panel that the children are unhappy with the veil, there are no smiles on their faces. The quote for that panel says, “And this is a class photo. I’m sitting on the far left so you don 't see me. From left to right: Golnaz, Mahshid, Narine, Minna.”, Marjane had to describe the girls by their last name because the picture showed no individualism of the children. They all look exactly the same, her word choice was to show how you were label with your name nothing else matter to the government. The government wanted to strip away their uniqueness and originality. Marjane childhood friends were taught to be against the shah at a young age. The children decided to get nails once they heard Ramin’s father killed millions during the revolutions. They were acting as their parents did but against Ramin. In addition, Uncle Anoosh was in spite of the fundamentalist government. Uncle Fereydoon and Anoosh tried to create a republic but got caught and were executed for their ideas. The country of Iran may be under a fundamentalist government but the people are trying their hardest to

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