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A dedicated and supportive fandom is the basis for a healthy and fulfilling musical career. In our society, a fandom can make or break the success of an artist. Two very popular fandoms in our industry today would be the Beyonce fandom A.K.A, The Beyhive, and the Justin Bieber fandom, or Beliebers. Beyonce has been around since the late 90’s and her fan base has only grown stronger with time. Though Justin Bieber came on the scene later in 2009 he has accumulated a very large group of dedicated fans who continue to support him and his work. You support someone because you believe in what they do or you can agree with the causes that they support. Their actions reflect back onto our youth who looks as these stars as role models, which is why it would benefit you to be a part of the Beyhive opposed to Beliebers. What exactly do you get when you join a fandom? Depending on the fandom, you get a group who have similar interests and a support system that can help you with real world problems. You also gain an artist that cares about the opinions of their fans and look to them for assistance in the advancement of their career. The Beyhive has been seen as reckless and extremely crazy, but looking at the fandom from the inside you see a…show more content…
Beyoncé is more vocal with her opinions and has taught young girls that speaking out is powerful and htat we should all chime in on things that are happening in our world. Justin Bieber send his condolences for shooting victims and people who have been unjustly killed because of their sexual preference. When considering what our youth takes away from the actions of the artists the person who closely resembles an admirable role model is Beyoncé Knowles because of her empowerment of her fans and the constant support she sends and receives from people all around the

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