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I chose to read the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I’m at the midpoint of the book and so far it is struggle to stop reading chapter after chapter. Why? This is because the main characters, Cath, Levi and Reagan can constantly draw me in with the action they bring to the novel. For example, it is fascinating to see Cath’s perspective as a fanfiction writer for Simon Snow and how she continues her everyday life as a freshman in college. Another example would be Levi and Reagan’s complicated relationship. Are they dating or are they not? The most engrossing part of the book for me so far was the way Wren and Cath went their separate ways. You would think twin sisters would never want to leave each other 's side, that wasn’t really the case. Wren…show more content…
I relate most to Cath. I feel like I can relate to Cath the most because she is shy at first, but she learns to come out to people in a positive way. I feel I am very shy at first, but when I get to know people I’m very lively and happy. I can also relate because Cath and I are not the most outgoing people - we both don’t do sports and we both would rather stay home than go out. Lastly, we both have a twin sister! This book reminds me of The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller. This book reminds of another thrilling young-adult novel not only by the style of writing but the plot. The Summer I Became a Nerd is about a teenage girl who everyone thinks is a popular, perky cheerleader. In reality, she spends time fangirling over her favorite comic book series. This relates to Fangirl because it is yet another book about a confused-stereotyped girl who everyone believes is someone who they really are not. I predict that Levi and Cath will begin to accept their differences and be an actual couple. I think this because although they are very different (Cath is considered a “nobody” while Levi is extremely popular), they are alike at the same time, personality
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