Franny Franny Chapman Character Analysis

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Name of Main Character: Franny Chapman

Quote #1: “I can tell my whole life story through Jo Ellen’s records. These people understand me” (Wiles 271).

This dialogue from the main character moves the plot because: The reader can see how alone Franny feels. She believes her family and friends lack empathy and takes comfort in the music she listens to, as it shares her feelings. The plot moves forward with Franny’s desire to be understood.

This dialogue shows that the character is growing/changing, or has grown/changed because: Franny does not rely on anyone to cheer her up when she feels down. She used to hang around others to gain their sympathy and love, but not anymore. Franny has learned to emotionally support herself and has changed
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She needed someone to assure her that everything would be alright. Since Franny trusts her sister, Jo Ellen’s words give her hope and comfort…show more content…
Her promises strengthen the bond between her and Franny, which moves the story forward.

Name of Character #2: Drew Chapman If action, describe here: “Drew has gone silent and no longer rides his bike or hangs out in the woods or the tree house. The only thing he really does is watch the news” (Wiles 287). This action/dialogue effects the main character because: Franny feels helpless to see her brother behave in such a lifeless manner, all over again. She is no longer the smart, creative older sister she thought she was earlier, and feels horrible watching Drew suffer silently. Franny wants to do something, but can not, and it is killing her.

This action or dialogue moves the plot because: It is shown here how the tension of an entire nation drained the liveliness of a young boy. Drew is not the only one affected by the news, so one can imagine how every individual of the country underwent similar feelings.

Name of Character #3: Margie
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