Kate Scelsa's Fans Of The Impossible Life

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Fans of the Impossible life, as the summary suggests, is a story about friendship. I have to say that I really loved this book because of that focus, sure there was romance, but the central story was the journey three individuals went through on the road to becoming friends and remaining that way. This book will make you feel things. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh (especially Sebby), it will make you question how much you know the people around you, and it will tear your heart into little pieces that you will never get back and you won’t want to.

“There was something in me that I was afraid to show other people. And I needed to find a place of strength to look inside and figure out what was trying to get out, and then, you know, embrace it. Be myself.”

When Fans of the Impossible Life starts off, we get a glimpse into the mind of who I believe to be our main protagonist, Jeremy. There are three narrators for the book, Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy, but Jeremy seems to be the central focus caught up into the whirlwind that is Mira and Sebby’s friendship. Not that it is a bad thing, it is actually one of the
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There is heavy drug usage, explicit language, talk of multiple suicide attempts, and homosexuality – but Kate Scelsa handles all of these topics with such grace that they all felt like integral parts of the story, and they were, to be honest. I love books that deal with controversial or heavy topics, they always hit me harder and make me feel more than basic fantasy or romance novels – not that there aren’t some out there that hit me right in the feels. But, the way each and every issue was incorporated into the characterization of the individuals throughout was awe inspiring, it was all so raw and honest that it felt totally real. It made me stop and think about every person I walked past on my way to class and ask myself “what do you think they’re going through?” and “how can I
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