Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

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Register to read the introduction…Van Alen meticulously set the aesthetic of the design to commend Chrysler’s successful automobile business and the machine age of the ‘20s. Iconic eagle gargoyles modeled after the Plymouth automotive head ornament decorate the top of the building, and the corners are adorned with what looks like to be Chrysler radiator caps. Once inside, one can look up and see Van Alen’s tribute to the workers that constructed the building as well as the booming age of flight of the ‘20s. The ceiling is coated in murals that depict men laying bricks down by hand as well as multiple airplanes flying across the country. To this day those murals remind anyone who steps foot in the building of the technical progress in the 1920s. The Chrysler Building’s iconic look over the New York skyline has caught a lot of attention from film directors, artists, and the media throughout the years. It has been depicted in almost every medium including art, film, photography, fashion, literature, and music. Some of the most popular films that it has been pictured in is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the original…show more content…
In 2005, New York’s Skyscraper Museum asked 100 engineers, critics, historians, and builders to rank their top ten favorite buildings in New York. The Chrysler Building came in first with 90% of the votes going toward this structure as being #1. It was declared a historic landmark in 1976 and a New York City Landmark as well. The Chrysler Building has also won the LEED Gold for Existing Buildings award, which is the second highest energy efficiency rating. Along with this award, the building has also been rewarded with the Henry C. Turner Award for Innovation and
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