Fantastic Lies Movie Analysis

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While watching the film on Fantastic Lies, I discovered that the level of crisis that were being portrayed was level three. I believe this film is an example of level three crises because throughout the film, there were a lot of public embarrassment such as the Duke lacrosse program itself due to the players being accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Once the news got out about what happened at the party, everyone turned against the lacrosse team without knowing the full story of what had happened during the crisis. People jumped into conclusion without doing their full research and at the end it all turned out to be one big lie. The lacrosse players were the popular guys on Duke campus, but once everyone heard what had occurred during spring break everyone turned their backs on them, which lead the players in…show more content…
I would use this crisis example to retrench from this event by asking the athletic director if he could lower the ticket cost of the lacrosse team so that way the fans can feel more appreciated and in which it can bring a large crowd to the games. Therefore, the university will make the money back that they lost from the previous season from cancelling the season. Another thing I will do is cut back the team free time until everyone understands what is expected of them. I would have the boys stay on campus instead of the lacrosse house that way I know they will not party. This way the players will know how serious this crisis was and will make them not want to do it again. I will also use this crisis example to recover from this event by setting up monthly meetings with my players so they know what our goal and objectives are as an organization to become better than our past. We would move on from the retrenchment by having a player sign a contract and if a player breaks a rule on the contract they will have to be let go from the
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