Fantasy And Reality In Literature

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Literature has always been an attractive media to illustrate wide ranges of representation of life; whether it is in written or oral form. Many authors often relate their or others’ experiences in real life while writing their works. Moreover, some may also add fantasy elements in their works that aim to simply draw the reader’s attention or even serve as a symbolism of particular things in real life. The fantasy element which is frequently used by the author in developing their work is the existence of ‘magic’. Nowadays, the use of magic has become a trend in many fantasy literary works, such as in Harry Potter and Percy Jackson & the Olympian series. However, there are some literary works whose theme is placed in between the fantasy, particularly ‘magic’, and reality. So that, the authors put in magical elements in their work and blend it naturally with the reality of life; this kind of writing is known as magic realism. Magic realism can be define as a literary genre which focusing itself in the fusion of magical elements and reality in order to construct the story. According to Srikanth (2014), magic realism is a combination of fantasy and reality in which the magical elements rise in the story blend naturally with the reality portrayed. The main feature of this genre is that the presence of the magical element can’t be explained in our ordinary world but the magical things really happen. Zamora and Faris (1995, as cited in McMurray, 1997) also add that magical realism
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