Fantasy Football Motivation

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Overall my research answered my research question which was: What are the main reasons behind the motivation to participate in fantasy football and why these are the motivations? When I initially started my research I wanted to find the one main reason people participate in fantasy football. As my research went on I had to modify to multiple motivations because there was no clear answer to my initial question. There were implications that the social aspect was the largest reasons but there was no clear answer in combination with my field research and interviews. The interviews leaned more towards social bonding but the field research weighed bonding, bragging rights, and competition equally. Gambling was not necessarily a motivation but it…show more content…
There is a limited amount of research that has been conducted on women and fantasy football. when it has been growing over the years. Many women are starting to create their own all-female fantasy leagues. If I had the chance I would have conducted comparative research to an all-men, all-women, and a coed fantasy league. I had access to an all-men and coed fantasy league but not to an all-women league. If I were to be able to study all three I would ask: What are the differences and/or similarities in motivations between an all-men, all-women, and a coed fantasy football league? With the growing demographics of fantasy football all groups need to be studied not just all-men leagues, which are a majority of the leagues, but coed and all-women league are growing in…show more content…
It is growing vastly in popularity since the rise of the internet. The motivations behind it, social bonding, bragging rights, and competition are all things that add to the sports consumer’s experience and make people want to play fantasy sports. With fantasy football leagues came daily/weekly fantasy and it’s popularity has caused growing concern among people that it should be considered gambling. This research suggested that many did not want it to be considered gambling and only used daily/weekly fantasy as an extra to their fantasy leagues. Fantasy football is changing the way people watch sports and will continue to grow in popularity among both men and women. Therefore, the motivations are very important to understand when looking at how it is changing the way people watch

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