Fantomina Analysis

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Jenifer Resal Professsor Silva 3/12/18 The story of Fantomina represents the time where women were under an intense suppression of sexuality. This short story serves as a rebellion against the stereotypes that were unfair to the female fraternity that was for too long blindly accepted. This story describes a woman who actually understands very well her desires that in this short story were mostly in a sexual sense. She does all she can just to achieve her missions without considering the possible consequence of the actions she takes. This short story presents a mysterious woman who clearly disregards any penalties that could come as a result of her behavior. This woman would not deny her sexuality and therefore she could lie to anyone she encountered. In this kind of era where a woman could just lie in the quest to fulfill her desires shows that women trying to achieve their desires were not any value (Hughes, 41) The short story also presents a double standard, especially where we look at Beauplaiser who is not in any way embarrassed or rather worried about his reputation being at a stake for sleeping with several women. On the other hand, Fantomina is typically shunned for sleeping with one guy. In the volume, ‘A present for a servant-maid ', the maidservants are presented as vulnerable individuals because they sometimes go through a number of challenges while working for the masters. The maids are closely watched by their servants to an extent that they are not able to

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