The Maidservants In The Short Story Of Fantomina

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Jenifer Resal
Professsor Silva
The story of Fantomina represents the time where women were under an intense suppression of sexuality. This short story serves as a rebellion against the stereotypes that were unfair to the female fraternity that was for too long blindly accepted. This story describes a woman who actually understands very well her desires that in this short story were mostly in a sexual sense. She does all she can just to achieve her missions without considering the possible consequence of the actions she takes. This short story presents a mysterious woman who clearly disregards any penalties that could come as a result of her behavior. This woman would not deny her sexuality and therefore she could lie to anyone she encountered.
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The maids are closely watched by their servants to an extent that they are not able to be themselves. Moreover, the servants are threatened in some instances because of maybe committing a small mistake. In some cases, the maids are forced into compliance even when they are not willing. These behaviors from the masters or the family members, makes the maids to be cornered.
The short story tries to criticize the fact that men are given a lot of importance compared to women. Men are considered to be powerful than men. That’s why it is easy for them to just pay women just to have sex with them.
On the other hand, ‘A present for a servant maid ', criticize the fact that the servant maids are always blamed for any problem that arises, regardless of the circumstances. This is the reason why the author, Eliza Haywood, provides a good advice that should be emulated by any servant maid on how to avoid being cornered. The author recommends them to avoid the married gentlemen because they are the ones that are commonly known to cause such discomforts.
The woman in the short story Fantomina takes herself as an object to men because she attempts, by all means, using different mean to win by making herself in various personas just to keep the object for her
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