Far From You Character Analysis

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Within the novel of "Far From You" written by Tess Sharpe, Sophie, the main character, is going under many changes in her life. From having her best friend being murdered in front of her, being blamed for her murder due to drugs being found in her jacket, and to being sent to rehab from being accused of relapsing. Sophie has many people pressuring her to be healthy and to have a good life since being released from rehab after three months. Two of those many people that want the best for Sophie is her aunt, Macy, and her mom, yet they approach the situation in two different ways. Macy and Sophie 's mom are always concern for her safety. Her mom actually made the litigious decision of sending Sophie to rehab, even when she was several months clean…show more content…
Sophie being an important figure in both of the adults ' lives, they want Sophie to be safe especially when there is a murderer roaming around the town. When Macy drops Sophie at Sophie 's house, Macy was worried someone may come after her. " 'Whoever killed Mina is still out there. You are the only living witness...so be careful. ' " Macy is fully aware that Sophie 's life is still in danger, and drugs are not her main concern. Sophie 's mom is also concern for her daughter 's safety and health, but expresses it very differently than Macy. " 'Stop playing games, Sophie. Your best friend is dead! She 's dead! And it could 've been you! ' She throws the shoe across the room... 'I 'm sorry, ' she says. She 's not just apologizing for throwing the shoe." She is very fearful that Sophie will end up like her best friend, whether it will be due to an overdose or a murderer catching her alone. Her fear has been transformed to self hatred for failing to keep her daughter safe. Despite their relationship not having the best ground to stand on, Sophie 's mom still cares about her daughter even if she acts emotionless and heartless towards her. In conclusion, both women have a common objective for Sophie. Even if they have different relationships with Sophie, they want the best possibility for their family member and prevent any deadly results. They have different opinions of Sophie 's past decisions, but as time progress, Sophie will be safe with Macy and her
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