Farenheit 451 Unit 1 Dialectical Journal

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Jacob opened his eyes. He looked around him inside the cryo chamber as his eyes were still adjusting to the bright lights from the ceiling. The loud, monotone loudspeaker blared, “All humans from Section 5 report to the recycling chamber!” The cryo chambers opened up and the people from Section 5 detached from their places. Jacob nonchalantly trudged into the organized square which Section 5 grouped into. They soon were marching down to the recycling room just like every other day in his life. As Jacob walked down, he saw the same dull gray walls imprisoning him and the rest of the people in this unit with him. ‘The Creator is behind all this,’ Jacob thought. The Creator was a man who looked and talked just as any other human in the unit, but everyone knew inside his human form was everything but human. He was a cold, calculating computer that tracked the every move of the unit. The Creator controlled everything and there were rumors that he would do nasty things to the people who spoke up or opposed his rule. As Jacob was thinking, he didn’t notice he had fallen behind. A robot guard gave him a rough push with his gun and Jacob shuffled back up into the crowd. He squeezed through the tight crowd and met up with his friend, Mark. Mark always seemed so…show more content…
Unplugging was when a baby was grown in the nursery pod and then introduced to the real world at the age of thirteen. Jacob remembered when he was unplugged. It was the most confusing and devastating day in his life. He lived his life through the programmed memories inserted into his mind. He had lived in a place called Earth where he went to school. Every day he would see the sunshine, plants, and animals. When the time came on Jacob’s 13th birthday right before he blew out the candles on his cake, everything went black. He was taken out of the nursery pod and told that The Creator was a great leader and he would serve him for the rest of his

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