Farenheit 451 Week 8 Character Analysis

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Andrea has graduated and wants to be a future journalist. She goes for an interview at Runway Magazine to be Miranda Priestley’s new assistant. Surprisingly she gets the job that "a million girls would kill for" but yet Andrea herself is not interested in fashion. Miranda Priestly is the big boss as she is the editor and chief of Runway Magazine. Miranda is known to be the hardest person to work for as she is not impressed very easily, she expects perfection, she is terribly mean to everyone and that works for Runway Magazine. Andrea got this job in order to replace Emily Chalton as Emily got promoted. Emily doesn't get along with Andrea and keeps insulting her along with Miranda. Andrea complains about her job to her boyfriend Nate and her…show more content…
If Andrea does not go she would be fired. Andrea makes the choice of going and betraying Emily. Before she leaves her boyfriend and she have a fight and they choose to break up as he is not happy with the person she has become. Andrea sees Miranda in Paris without make up, crying and she opens up to her and informs her that she is going through a divorce and this will have a negative impact on her twins. Andrea feels sorry for her but then she goes back to being the heartless boss. Nigel tells Andrea that he got a job offer from James Holt and Miranda was the one that helped him get that. Andrea meets Christopher in Paris and agrees to have dinner with him. Christopher tells her that they are going to get rid of Miranda with Jacqueline as she is old. Andrea tries to contact Miranda to tell her about this. Later Miranda says that Jacqueline will be getting the job that Nigel was supposed to get. Miranda later explains to Andrea that she knew that she was going to get replaced so that is why she did that. Miranda tells Andrea that she sees herself in her and Andrea replies saying that she could never do that to a person, but she already has to
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