Farewell To Arms Dialectical Journal

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When everyone thinks about war they cannot picture in their mind what it would be like out on a battlefield with a bunch of good friends, fighting side by side. They cannot picture the horrible and nasty sights you will see on a battlefield of men dying, their bodies being shot everywhere or being blown to pieces. Maybe from a movie they might have seen a battle or war, but it’s not even close to the same. They are people that you care for and love that have just been killed, live and in front of your face. You cannot do anything but watch them suffer and try to keep fighting. Henry may have ran from the second battle because everything has stopped from the first battle and now it’s all setting in of what happened and who he has lost. During the battle there were times when Henry thought he wasn’t going to make it and times that he thought he was going…show more content…
“The youth thought that at last he was going to suffocate. He became aware of the foul atmosphere in which he had been struggling.” (Crane ch5 pg.3) One thing that everyone forgets about is all the gun and cannon smoke, which is horrible to breathe in. Henry must have been in a bad area and he was not getting enough oxygen. He thought he was going to pass out. This is one of the reasons that Henry could have ran away from the second battle, because he was close to death. Henry wasn’t doing well for his first time; he went a little over board and got himself into trouble again. “The youth awakened slowly. He came gradually back to a position from which he could regard himself. For moments he had been scrutizing his person in a dazed way as if he had never seen himself.” (Crane ch6 pg.1) This was at the end of the battle. Henry woke up and nothing was going on. He was looking at himself like he didn’t know or remember anything. All he had in his mind was everything that was going on before he passed out, which wasn’t very
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