Farewell To Arms Response

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The story of "A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway was written in 1929, and Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, United States. Ernest Hemingway attempts to tell unvarnished truth about the war, which he fought in when he was young which is World War One. Hemingway were a driver in World War One, for the Italian front and driving an ambulance. The Character named Catherine Barkley which he felt love with, this story talks a lot about the relationship between Frederic and Catherine. The war affects the values and the emotions of each character. Also, he joined the Italian Army and where he was serving as an ambulance driver like Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway, describe Frederico as a lost man who’s looking for values and order in life. When Frederic and his friend Rinaldi visit the hospital and he saw nurse name Catherine and a very attractive. Looks like Frederic was just looking for a physical relationship, but Catherine doesn’t approve that, also Frederic tried to convince Catherine that he really loves her. As it went on, one day Frederic was sitting with men’s and where suddenly explodes happened and he gets severely wounded. He was sent to a hospital where he meets with Rinaldi but later he was transferred to a hospital in Milan which is American. His love with Catherine get really strong that she followed him to…show more content…
Also, he can be accused easily for not having control on his men’s, however, Frederic confronted with police battle and had managed to escape before they found him and shoot. He went to Catherine and they both left for Switzerland by a boat, “Would you like to get dressed right away and go in a boat to Switzerland?". “Then go to Switzerland.” “How?” “In my boat.” (Hemingway). “I don’t want to be arrested.” (Hemingway), however they were arrested in Switzerland, since they had foreign passports they were released for being
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