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World War 2 was unpleasant because of how many deaths it caused. The devastating war-affected countries like the USA and Japan. In the memoir Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne Wakatsuki, a Japanese-American, talks about her experiences at the internment camp during WWII. She and her family went through very rough times at Manzanar. After they were released, their family wasn’t the same. One of the essential characters is Jeanne’s father, Papa. He is a dynamic character, and the memoir illustrates how his view of the world changes. Jeanne uses objective and subjective information about Papa throughout the book to shape the character he turns out to be.

Jeanne uses subjective and objective information about Papa before Pearl Harbor to show he was …show more content…

As a result, he was taken to Fort Lincoln, North Dakota. There he was interviewed by a couple of FBIs. This event impacted his life after. Upon his release, he lost his old self and his pride. At fort Lincoln, they stated that what he did showed that Papa was still loyal to the Japanese emperor. And other questions like “(interrogator)Who do you think will win this one?...(Papa)When your mother and your father are fighting, do you want them to kill each other? Or do you just want them to stop?”(Wakatsuki 58). According to this subjective evidence, it's concluded that Papa is mad about the question because they were questioning if he was loyal to the country he was living in. Also, he sacrificed so much to get to this point, and Papa is disappointed. Another example is when Papa is released and comes to Manzanar, his physical appearance significantly changes. At the end of chapter 5 Jeanne states, “The first thing we saw was a cane…polished maple limb spotted with dark lidded eyes were small knot holes had been stained and polished…Then Papa stepped out, wearing a fedora hat and a wilted white shirt…He had been gone nine months, He had aged ten years. (Wakatsuki 41)” From this objective information it can be concluded that since he visited Fort Lincoln, he has given up on everything and doesn't care about anything. This is one of the reasons why his mental and physical appearance changes so

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