Fargo Feminist Analysis

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The 1996 film Fargo by the Joel and Ethan Coen captivates the rare heroics of a pregnant female officer from Brainerd, Minnesota. The film’s depiction of female heroics is a proponent for empowering women in the film industry. We are always accustomed to seeing men as the primary focus and center of a film and women as the impotent secondary character.
Films today should start portraying women as the strong primary character and, a character that’s inspires women to make difference like Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand) did. Film is a societal changing platform and The Coen brothers use that to bring some parity in our male dominant society.
The ironic part of this film is when the Coen’s Brothers anomalously introduce Marge. We see a clear reverse gender roles in the Gunderson household. Marge is awakened early in the morning about a call regarding a triple homicide and, her uxorious husband, Norm (John Carroll Lynch), doggedly offers to make her breakfast. This sets up Marge character as the masculine leader in her household and that she is the one handling the responsibly that a traditional husband usually does. This is important to her character because its shows us that she has power and that she can handle those big responsibility. Pregnant women do not usually work and her character sends a message that pregnant can do more than just clean the house or do the dishes.
On the very next scene, we see a similarity between Marge’s home and her job. When she first
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