Farming In The Mississippi Delta

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Farming Career In the Mississippi delta we have a huge field for agriculture. The delta is basically a home for the farmers. We have a rural area therefore, there is much farmland spread out across the delta. The delta is one of the very many places in this country for farming but also, one of the best! The education required for this job is very small. There is one course available at MDCC that is a two-year course. That course teaches you basic things for farming but most stuff is hands on learning on the farm. A lot of people who farm were grown up in it and their families have land. if you don’t have land and equipment in your family it is hard to get started up from nothing. Farming is always a gamble, you never really know how much you are exactly going to make. In farming you spend everything you have up front and owe the bank or loan office the money back plus interest.…show more content…
These two fine young gentlemen are very successful farmers. They start farming around 11:30 or 12:00 in the afternoon but they do get the job done, usually around 3:00 in the morning. They farm upwards of 1,500 acres all scattered around the delta, from Merigold to Rosedale. They spend very small amounts of money for good turn out, using every thing they possibly can. In farming there are many different plants and supplies you need to make these plants grow. The ranges of plants can go from beans to tobacco and the supplies list could go on forever. In farming you will always be owing someone something and trying to pay them back. Farming is just all around a gamble and a job you must love completely to do

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