Farming System In Aquaculture

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1.Farming system (By intensity) in aquaculture.
In the farming system, the human is playing a major role in direct or indirect inputs such as food. Note that the human can pollute the environment, since that they are living an artificial life all the time. Biota, which is in the aquaculture farming also contributes to the pollution since they are living an artificial life. Anyhow the farming system is classified into three respects with the quantity of FEED (Fertilizer) applied (Edirisinghe, 2009). In Extensive culture feed comes from the natural environments (Zero input of feed) and while the Intensive culture it supplied all their feed 100%. In respect with Sri Lanka, some ornamental fish species are cultured in this method and it is a monoculture
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Pond fish culture system is one of the common agricultural techniques in the present. Pond fish culture also a profitable aquaculture practice like as Shrimp of giving foreign exchange. But anyway, it also depends on the culturing fish species (Akankali et al, 2011).

According to the Edirisinghe (2009), Ponds are the aquatic water resources which are the sizes below 3ha (In an aspect of Sri Lanka). The water level of ponds also should be near to the ground level. Anyhow the pond size also depends on the demand of available in the site. As an example fish aquaculture practicing in Israel pond size going to 20ha while Thailand it 's going to 002ha also. The shape of the pond is rectangular and direction should be east to west and in Sri Lanka, the direction of the pond should the maximum amount of wind action. (Edirisinghe, 2009).

2.Industrial aquaculture as the way to reduce the
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Recently the worst cases recorded in Ecuador, Indonesia, and the Philippines compared to the other several countries (Bandaranayake, 1999). Naito & Traesupap, (2006) identified that for the destruction of mangrove forest in Thailand shrimp farming is the main causes. And also they identify the development of extensive and semi-intensive shrimp farming techniques quickens mangrove deforestation than the intensive shrimp farming. Harkes et al (2015), indicated that losses of mangrove forests are increasing the coastal vulnerability to climate

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