Farrah Lynn Abraham

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Farrah Lynn Abraham, the television personality, singer and author, was born on 31st May 1992 in Omah, Nebraska and raised in Council Bluffs. Her parents were Michael Abraham who had Italian and Syrian origins and Debrah Danielson who was of Danish origins. Farrah Abraham claimed her childhood contained much abuse from her parents which left bruises and scars on her body.

Her casting of a reality television show "16 and pregnant" in the year 2009 brought her to the limelight. She also casted in its spin-off series titled "Teen Mom". Other television shows that she has casted include Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother and Teen Mom OG. "My Teenage Dream Ended" is the title of a her both memoir and studio album, which was the 32nd best album in 2012.

Abraham,s daughter, Sophia Laurent was born on 23 February 2009, just a short while
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She stated that she produced the tape for sale despite her earlier leakage allegations. She added that the tape was part of her celebrating her awesome body. The sex tape titled "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom" was later sold to Vivid Entertainment therefore earning her a reportedly 1.5 million dollars. "Farrah 2: Backdoor and more", her second sex film, contained parts omitted from the first film, got released afterwards by the same entertainment company at a later time. This release second film was due to the previous leakage claims made by…show more content…
She termed this period of her life as a "dark time". She added that since the release of the tape, its hard for her to make friends thus her private life very hard. She also claimed that the release of the sex tapes has damaged her relationship with her family as the were using her for

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