Farrokh Bulsara Biography

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Farrokh Bulsara, which was his real name, was born on Thursday September 5th 1946 on the small spice island of Zanzibar. His parents were both Parsee (Persian). At the age of eight, Freddie was sent to St Peter's English boarding school in India. It was there when his friends began to call him Freddie, a name that the family also adopted. As St Peter's was an English school, the sports played there were typically English. Freddie liked hockey, sprint and boxing. At the age of 10 he became a school champion in table tennis. Freddie wasn’t only a good at sports, his artistic skills were incomparable. He loved art, and was always sketching for friends or relatives. Freddie began to learn to play the piano and he also became a member of the school…show more content…
They became immortal with the single "Bohemian Rhapsody", on the 1975 album "A Night At The Opera". After that, they had a bad period and in 1983, they took a year off. But, in 1984 they were totally back with their new album, called "The Works". It contained great hits, such as "Radio Ga Ga" and "I Want To Break Free". In 1985 Freddie made his first big solo-album, "Mr. Bad Guy". It was in 1987 or '88, when Freddie told the band he had AIDS, and only had a few years to live. After Freddie told the band, he refused to talk about it anymore. He was afraid that people would buy their records out of pity. He said he wanted to keep making music as long as possible. And he did it. Freddie's health got worse. They wanted to do one more album, called "Innuendo." They worked on it in 1990 and early 1991. Every time when Freddie would feel well, he came over to the studio and sang. After "Innuendo" was released in January 1991, they made two video clips. The first one was the video clip of "I'm Going Slightly Mad", shot in March 1991. Because Freddie was very thin, and had little wounds all over his body, they used a lot of make-up. He wore a wig, and the clip was shot in black and white. Freddie's final video clip was released in June 1991. The clip, "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", later turned out to be his goodbye song. You could clearly see he was ill, but he still hadn't told the world about his disease. Rumors went around that he had some kind of terrible disease and this rumor was confirmed by Freddie himself, one day before he passed on. His death was seen as a great loss for the world of
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