Farsightedness In Gandhi

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immensely grateful to Mahatmaji for inducing, by his wonder working inspiration, freedom from fear and feebleness in the minds of his countrymen, feel profoundly hurt when any words from his mouth may emphasize the elements of unreason in those very minds — unreason, which is a fundamental source of all the blind powers that drive us against freedom and self-respect."
Nehru during that time was in prison and was on the same page with Tagore and was also shocked by this unscientific statement of Gandhi. He wondered to rely on Gandhi anymore and hence wrote, "Of many hard lessons that I had learnt, the hardest and most painful now faced me; that it is not possible in any vital matter to rely on any one. One must journey through life alone;
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Example of Gandhi 's farsightedness can be best expressed through his views on nature and environment more than a century ago in his book Hind Swaraj, when very few people used to talk about it. He says that most of the problems are rooted in unchecked industrialization and its impact on socio-cultural aspects of life. On one hand as industrialization has given immense material pleasure and prosperity to society on the other hand, it has posed serious problem to very existence of human kind and other living creatures of planet. Depletion of natural resources, warming of earth, greenhouse effect etc are the pressing issues today. Western civilization and industrialization brought this to whole world through uncontrolled exploitation of resources. To Gandhi, nature is a sine qua non of existence and if interfered with, it would be at cost of its existence. He was not an environmentalist to analyze cause and consequences of environment degradation, but was a believer in remedy rather than cure. He was a propounder of kind of life which will never lead to environmental problems, today what we call as sustainable development. And these ideas of him made him to say, 'Nature can serve man 's need but not greed. ' There was an interesting incident to quote here. Once Gandhi 's dhoti was torn and someone pointed out that to him. So he went to the bathroom and adjusted it and says "See now and tell me where it is torn? There is a lot of it to get torn?" Hence his idea was not to waste resources and
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