Fart Stereotypes

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We've all hit the point in our lives when fart jokes weren't funny anymore. This point was when we all thought we were mature and the kids that still made fart jokes were immature. What mature meant to me in middle school was not making fart jokes. What mature means to me now is going through a life experience that your attitude, gossiping, the responsibilities you take on, your views on life all change and you are a different person after that particular event. From first grade to sixth grade I went to Riverside Preparatory School with my two sisters. What this school's main goal for the student was to prepare the students for college. It was a school where no kid failed and there was so much competition to be the best. No kids in my classes…show more content…
I was one of those people that wanted everyone to know I was sad and have sympathy for me. People at my school started to report my state to the office who would then contact my parents. The people in the office had no idea what it was like going through someone you're very close with not wanting to live anymore. Seventh grade I switched schools. This is about the time I started self-harming my body. Another one of my friends took his life and my mom screamed out at the dinner table what I was doing to my body and my sister was furious with me. Eighth grade came around and nothing had change except for my school. I switched schools 3 months into the new school and started homeschool in November of 2014. I didn't know that would only make things worse because I was by myself all the time. My 2015 new years resolution was to make myself better and start to take in the happy side of my life. I got a new group of friends that really encouraged me everyday and helped me with everything that was going on. We all became super close in a very short amount of time. My everyday life started looking up from that point and my freshman year was amazing. I think everyone noticed my change and I didn't let little things bother me anymore. I started to go by a new motto, “The only person that controls how you feel is you. Once you let someone control your emotions they have more power over you than you
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