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BOSS and ARMANI: Two Fascinating Fashion Designers. Introduction Have you ever heard about the two magical fashion designers BOSS and ARMANI ? Of course, both these fashion designers are well-known to people from all over the world. This is because of their long histories, amazing brands and their product quality. In fact a recent newspaper article said more than 90% of people who love fashion comes to see their annual fashion shows .Therefore, this essay will compare and contrast these two incredible fashion designers to see which businessperson is more successful. The three biggest similarities and differences between BOSS and ARMANI are their background, awards and their middle east ventures . Background The first point of similarities…show more content…
BOSS and ARMANI probably the world's most important businesspersons. BOSS won many awards for his achievements in fashion industry,Some of his awards are: Kodak Calendar award in 2010 in Stuttgalt, in 2011 he won three several awards which are: Print Star for Gold Award Corporate Publishing , DID award for Innovative bookbinding and finishing and the last one is the Best of CP Corporate Publishing, and as a result of his awards a lot of celebrities love to wear HUGO BOSS clothes collections and David Hopcroft is one of them, he loves to wear BOSSs collection because they have a sharp cut (Alves, 2015). Conversely, ARMANI got several national and international awards such as : GranCavaliere Della Repubblica , Commendatore Della Ordine Almerite Della Repubblica(the highest governmental in Italy), Best International Designers of America for men's clothes collection. Despite all ARMANIS achievements, awards and success you will be shocked when you know that he did not really enjoyed his childhood or adolescence and he kept showing to people how cautions and a steady person he was just to prevent himself from getting harm (Mower,…show more content…
ARMANI did not expect to be the chosen one to work with Emaar properties ,“ Are you sure you want me? I believe in minimalism, less is more. And when you looked at what was happening here { in Dubai five years ago } you would have thought exactly the opposite, it was very different style”(Louise,2010b,para.4). ARMANI entered into a joint venture with Emaar properties in 2004 for example, in April 27,2010 ARMANI opened the world’s first ARMANI hotel at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai “Dubai today is really celebrating this great achievement as Mr. ARMANI really moves the standards of luxury hotels a few notches up”(Louise,2010a,para.2). On the other hand on February 4,2015 BOSS is managing to set up its own business in Korea and the Middle East itself“In taking the action announced today, we are executing on our global growth strategy, which is aimed at achieving extensive brand control and running retail operations ourselves”(Hugo Boss to take full control of Asian and Middle Eastern growth markets, 2015a, para.6). The group will also take over the last remaining franchiese stores in china and he plans also to set up its own distributions company in the UAE in 2015 in Dubai .”By assuming complete control of our brand presence in Korea, China and the Middle East, we will be further strengthening our presence in these important growth markets”(Hugo Boss to take full control of Asian and Middle

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