Fascism Vs Fascism

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During the twentieth century Europe was under extreme circumstances that gave shape to the continent. It was a point of time where two ideologies rise in the continent; Fascism and Nazism. Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism formed in Italy. Its ideology consists in unifying its nation through an authoritarian state. On the other hand, Nazism follows theories of racial hierarchy, so it criticizes capitalism and communism for being associated racial ethics. While these two social ideologies were spread over the continent, as well as the history of many countries, they greatly influenced the European art and architecture. For years many architects have been designing historical buildings in Europe, but the two chief contributors during the Fascist and Nazis era were Marcello Piacentini and Albert Speer. This essay will be talking about the differences and similarities between the Fascist architect Marcello Piacentini and the Nazi architect Albert Speer, and how their buildings interpret Roman and Greek architecture.

Who is Marcello Piacentini?
To begin with, Marcello Piacentini was born in Rome the 8th of December 1981 and died 18th of May 1960. He was the son of Pio Piacentini a famous Italian architect. Because of this family involvement with his family business, Marcello became passionate about architecture, so at the age of 26 in 1907, he took part of the reconstruction of the historical city center of Bergamo. Marcello had a great

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