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“Ammaarah, why are you so Vogue?” something my friends say to me when I am reading the issue of Vogue, they are definitely right.To me, fashion is a sense of historical contextual knowledge. It is a form of a stunning interchange of what survives the process of what people wear. The most alluring aspect of studying a fashion related course is that fashion can be found in many forms of art, culture and history; developing ideas, experimenting with new styles and finding a real passion with different materials and textures to create your own distinctive look. Not only working in the fashion industry would be a dream job, but being able to have a life-long journey to see how fashion has influenced and developed in culture and history around the world is something that I am wholeheartedly sought to comply. Designers such as Alexandra McQueen’s Savage and Elsa Schiaparelli’s Surrealism have me admire their creative spiritual collection from an early age. Fashion has evolved into maintaining a positive aspect throughout the years and it has given me the opportunity to combine my interest of fashion and…show more content…
I was moved with the visits and it has stimulated my imagination and creativity. In this process, it has helped me to gain an understanding of the history of fashion and use these ideasin my own artwork; my particular favourite in the museum wasfashion history of the 19th Century Couture and Commerce, I have read journals based around thiscalled Couture and Commerce: The Transatlantic Fashion Trade in the 1950s by Alexandra Palmer. Even though this is a rare subject in fashion, I understand that Couture and Commerce focuses on the design, sale and the practical use of this by women between 1870-1910. This has helped me to develop an understanding of the Couture and Commerce which I have developed keen knowledge

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